Why Hire Cahners & Donahue Associates?

We are different from most consultants you may meet.

  • We have been, and continue to be, non-profit professionals, board members, board chairs, and active volunteers. This gives us a unique perspective, allowing us to understand better the needs of our clients.
  • We take the time to understand your mission, your priorities, and your organization’s culture.
  • We can counsel, guide, and work with you “in the trenches.”
  • We are creative problem solvers, willing to explore and entertain alternative approaches to the challenges and opportunities facing our clients.

We know that one size, one methodology, does not fit all. We customize our approach for each client, combining established best practices with current academic business research and years of hands-on management and consulting experience.

We are happy to work on projects of all sizes.

The Food Project is in a very strong position today thanks to Susan’s expertise. She most ably guided the trustees through the process of restructuring committees and creating job descriptions. Once completed, she worked with the board to put together a succession plan, followed by crafting and carrying out an executive search process. Susan’s years of governance experience, respect for the organization’s culture and her belief in the ability of trustees to meet their own challenges, allowed significant work to be accomplished while strengthening the board culture and confidence.
Patricia Gray
Executive Director
The Food Project