Why Hire a Consultant?

  • Sometimes you need to hire a professional who has the practical experience, library of knowledge, and functional expertise you may not have in your organization.
  • Sometimes it is time to invest in the health of your organization, just as you take time to invest in your personal health or the maintenance of your home.
  • Sometimes you are too busy with fundraising, day-to-day operations, and carrying out the organization’s mission to work on capacity building and governance projects.
  • Sometimes you need an objective point of view, an outside voice, to facilitate a discussion or come up with a creative solution or unbiased decision.
  • Sometimes you are in the midst of a crisis and you need a sounding board or management assistance.

A management consultant can help you and your organization solve a specific problem or help you get to the next phase in your organization’s life. Consultants can help you analyze your particular situation, set realistic goals, devise and then implement creative solutions and new programs.

The board of The Library Foundation of Needham profited greatly from its work with Cahners & Donahue. Although clear about our mission to provide additional financial support for library programs and services beyond the town-funded budget, we needed to reorganize and revitalize the LFN after our first years of success.
Amy Cahners and Susan Donahue listened to us, crafted their consultancy to our needs, and did not try to cram our program into a pre-existing solution. They helped us envision the next part of our campaign and helped make us a more efficient organization.
Rose Doherty
Board Chair
Library Foundation of Needham