Why Hire a Consultant?

  • Sometimes you need to hire a professional who has the practical experience, library of knowledge, and functional expertise you may not have in your organization.
  • Sometimes it is time to invest in the health of your organization, just as you take time to invest in your personal health or the maintenance of your home.
  • Sometimes you are too busy with fundraising, day-to-day operations, and carrying out the organization’s mission to work on capacity building and governance projects.
  • Sometimes you need an objective point of view, an outside voice, to facilitate a discussion or come up with a creative solution or unbiased decision.
  • Sometimes you are in the midst of a crisis and you need a sounding board or management assistance.

A management consultant can help you and your organization solve a specific problem or help you get to the next phase in your organization’s life. Consultants can help you analyze your particular situation, set realistic goals, devise and then implement creative solutions and new programs.

Organized, creative, and collaborative, Amy Cahners and Susan Donahue are two of the finest non-profit consultants I have known in my work in independent schools. They are committed to excellence in all their endeavors, paying attention to the details of the project as well as to the dynamics of the group process essential to a successful outcome. I appreciate their optimism and their “can do” attitude about any task, no matter how small.
Lenesa Leana
Head of School
Belmont Day School